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    Ah, these skirts, or a few words about styles

    Ah, these skirts, or a few words about styles

    No matter what style we prefer, each of us definitely has it in our wardrobe. In the summer, we wear those made of airy materials with a floral print, accompanied by sandals or high heels, while in winter, we more often reach for those made of leather or suede, combining them with fashionable boots. Today we decided to remind you what styles of skirts we can distinguish and briefly describe what they are characterized by.

    Pencil skirt

    This model has enjoyed unflagging popularity among women, regardless of age, for several years. If you like classic and at the same time very feminine stylizations, this cut is made for you! It perfectly emphasizes the waist, but it will look best on slim people with an hourglass figure, with a narrow waist. The only thing to remember is that it should not be too tight, because then it will emphasize all the imperfections that we would prefer to hide 😊. Perfect to create a professional business look. However, it will also be great for evening outings in combination with a T-shirt and a ramones jacket.

    Flared skirt

    This cut, extremely fashionable in the 1940s, is probably in most women’s wardrobes, mainly due to its universality. Therefore, if you prefer looser cuts, and in your styling you focus on comfort and femininity, you should reach for this model. Delightful skirt fits almost every woman, regardless of the type of figure, moreover, it provides great wearing comfort, without restricting movement. Do you want to emphasize the waist, or maybe cover more massive thighs? Reach for this model!

    Pleated skirt

    A pleated skirt is definitely a must-have of the last seasons! It comes in virtually any length, although most often in the midi version, and its appearance resembles an airy harmonica. It is a very comfortable and airy cut, perfect for dancing, but also for everyday use. It looks best on tall and slim people.

    A-line skirt

    This is probably one of the most popular skirt styles that can be found in a woman’s wardrobe. A-line skirt or otherwise referred to as an “A-shaped” skirt is a model that has a narrow top and wide bottom. Perfectly camouflages any imperfections and fits every type of female figure. It perfectly masks extra pounds, as well as curves on the stomach, hips and thighs.

    Speaking of styles and lengths of skirts, we cannot forget about one of the must-have elements of a woman’s wardrobe, which is… a black skirt! Timeless black goes well with most clothes, which is why we can wear this model for any occasion. Undoubtedly, another advantage is the fact that the black color beautifully slims the figure 😊