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    Dono da Scheggia

    Fashion is more than just clothes. It is how we present ourselves to the world and express our personality. Everyone has their own style and taste that create their unique image.

    There are many styles and trends that can be inspired by various factors such as culture, history or art. Today, each of them is up to date, because fashion is for everyone, so everything is fashionable. From glamour, through boho chic to streetwear, today everyone can find something for themselves.

    Collecting clothes is a hobby for many people that allows them to expand their styling possibilities and experiment with various trends. Some like to collect classic collections such as suits or cocktail dresses, while others prefer more modern and custom clothes. Some look in second-hand shops, others in expensive (stylish) boutiques such as Dono da Scheggia. It is important to remember that fashion is only one part of our image and you should not worry too much about trends. It is good to wear clothes in which we feel comfortable and confident, regardless of what is currently on top. We should always feel ourselves and like ourselves.


    The style of the brands at Dono da Scheggia is casual. Customers of these brands value the quality of fabrics and comfort above all.
    SPORTALM collections are loved for their extravagant style and originality. E line – Motin meets all their expectations by combining sport with elegance, thanks to which they can dress for a daily walk, to the office or for a weekend trip out of town. The SPORTALM brand is famous for its high-quality fabrics and beautiful color combinations. Her clothes are often chosen by celebrities and people from the headlines, as well as by those who appreciate luxury and uniqueness. SPORTALM is unique in terms of perfection of finish, it is a distinguishing feature of extravagant chic and is unmatched in sports luxury.

    Brand AERONAUTICA MILITARE is a collection for lovers of military style with the use of original aviation patches. It is the perfect choice for those who like to look and feel extraordinary, as well as for those who want to attract attention. AERONAUTICA MILITARE are casual clothes inspired by the Italian Air Force.


    Italian brand was created for the love of footwearCasadei, which is synonymous with quality and elegance. The style of the Casadei brand is characterized by elegance, chic and luxury, as well as strong influences from the culture of southern Italy.


    Maka Valentino is also one of the few fashion brands that has been faithful to its style of beautiful shoes and handbags for years.


    The key to achieving casual elegance is choosing the right clothes and accessories. Dresses with simple cuts, but made of luxurious materials such as satin or velvet, are an excellent choice and of course beautiful original prints. Also classic suits and coats with noble textures are perfect for this style.


    Accessories also play an important role. Among them are e.g. classic handbags and heels, as well as jewelry with precious stones and gold.


    People who like this style like to stand out from the crowd and like classic accessories. However, it is important to remember that moderation is the key here and you should not overdo it with the amount of anything.


    Dono da Scheggia are well-known and respected fashion brands offering clothing characterized by high-quality materials, sophisticated design and durability. Such confection is produced in smaller quantities and addressed to a more demanding customer, ready to pay more for elegance, quality and exclusivity. The prices of such confection are usually much higher than the prices of ordinary (from popular chain stores), but they are justified by the cost of production, which is much higher than mass confection.